Accessibility Assessment

for Adult Education Providers

The Assessment provides a series of indicators related to the level of accessibility of learning Adult Education Providers. It can be used:

  • as a quick guide relative to the key areas related to accessibility in Adult Education

  • As a tool to review and improve practices related to accessibility

  • As an assistant to plan the development of key areas in your organisation to improve accessibility

  • As a source of information to design policies, internal to an organisation, sectoral, regional or national, regarding the accessibility of Adult Education.


Accessibility badges



Check out how to claim a badge to show your commitment to making learning accessible.


Find Accessibility Experts

& Adult Education Providers in your locality

User Guide for adult education providers and accessibility experts

About the Aema network

The AEMA Network, consisting of 12 organisations from 11 European countries, aims to change this, by developing a shared network and quality framework on accessibility issues in adult education provision. The network, funded with support from the Grundtvig programme of the European Commission, will reach out to people with disabilities, accessibility experts, disability organisations, Governmental organisations, funding bodies and Adult Education providers, with the overall aim of increasing the accessibility, participation, transparency and quality of Adult Education in Europe. The network will provide further visibility to accessibility practices by awarding Accessibility Quality Badges for Adult Education Providers and Accessibility Competency Badges for experts on Accessibility.

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