Do you want to find an accessibility expert to help you? Very soon AEMA will be the place!


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How often did you need and expert on accessibility to help you and you didn’t know who to ask, where to go to find them, how to select the adequate one…? The AEMA project was born with the main aim to be a contact point and hub for adult education providers (AEP) and experts on accessibility (EOA).

We are building these directories in 8 European countries: Spain, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Check Republic and UK.


You will be able to see them in a couple of months in the AEMA portal. We are now developing the Adult Education Providers Section and the Accessibility Experts Section.


The AEMA portal will present a navigable map of all registered users that qualified themselves as Experts on Accessibility, alongside a filterable list.


All experts on accessibility will receive a dedicated detail page where they can provide details of their work and competencies essentially creating a competence portfolio page in promotion of their activities.


The Adult Education Providers (AEP) will be presented in a similar way:a navigable map of providers registered within the portal and an alternative list view. For them, we are preparing a self-assessment tool that will allow those organizations to assess how far they are accessible in certain areas and which actions they are planning to implement to become more accessible during the next months/years.

We will explain more about the self-assessment tool during the coming weeks.

Follow AEMA portal developments and don’t forget to give us your feedback!

  • Project members workshop in Vienna - April 2015

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