We are stronger together

29 January 2014

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The ‘We are stronger together’ program’s aim is to identify needs and planning the suitable services in the prevention of social exclusion of people with disabilities, as well as an increase in employability and employment of the unemployed participants who will become trainers through the hippo rehabilitation program.

Hippo rehabilitation is a specific integration of physical therapy, psychotherapy, socio-therapy, supplemented with special educators, speech therapy, as well as psychometrics re-education, sensory stimulation with the patients in whom it is indicated. The treatment is carried out using a horse wherein the horse is a therapeutic agent. The horse is the only animal that is three-dimensionally moving: forward, backward and sideways. 90 - 110 pulses is transferred per minute from the horse back. We use maximum of the three-dimensional movements of the horse to have a positive effect on all the senses in the body. The expected result of the program is related to improving the psychomotor and social skills for 80 participants.

The general objective of this project is primarily related to the establishment of partnership between the applicant and the partner from the EAM. This opens opportunities for the introduction of an innovative program in regular offer of the professional work with people with disabilities using the possibility of linking active employment policy in implementation of project activities with an aim to prevent social exclusion of people with disabilities, to increase employability and adaptability to the labour market and to employ persons registered as unemployed in the EAM.

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