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Sofia, Bulgaria
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Praha 10, Czech Republic
Praha, Czech Republic
Děčín, Czech Republic
Emmanulle Gutiérrez y Restrepo / Fundación Sidar - Acceso Universal
Dr. en Ciencias de la Información
Swansea, United Kingdom
External specialist advisor

¡   Developed a robust and comprehensive multi agency Transition Framework in Neath Port Talbot focusing on a protocol which was been agreed between Health Adult, Children and Education .

¡   Extensive experience in developing and implementing policies

¡   Provided professional , technical advice, and support to Senior officers through the Corporate Directors Group, to the Chief Executive, Leader of the Council, Directors, Heads of Service ,Senior Management team, Cabinet members, Scrutiny Committee Members, and team members.

¡   Experience of engaging with the development of national policy and legal frameworks including the development of the new Social Service and Well-being Act and the Mental Health Measure and have been involved with the Learning Disability Advisory Group which informs the Welsh Government on policy development.

¡   Led on the development of a Quality Assurance Framework which identifies key areas of performance through supervision, case file audits and service user/family feedback.

¡   Been Lead Officer for NPTCBC on a number of regional boards as part of the Western Bay programme structure including Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Safeguarding and Contracting and Procurement.

¡   Been Lead officer for NPTCBC for the Direct Payments and Shared lives regional arrangements

¡   had Strategic and Operational responsibility for a Community Mental Health Service in the Lamella, Carmarthen area with responsibilities for

¡   Managed a multi professional community mental health team made up of Social Workers, Community Psychiatric Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists and Support staff.

¡   managed a process of screening, referral ,allocation, assessment, care planning and discharge

¡   Ensured a modern, effective and responsive service is provided

¡   Provided quality assurance processes are in place to measure effectiveness and timeliness 

¡   Worked with a range of professionals from primary care, Social Services, other secondary Health care services, Police, Probation and the Third Sector

¡   Deliveried the duties identified in the Mental Health Act 1983/2007

¡   Worked closely with providers of Mental Health Services to ensure value for money and that outcomes are delivered for people.

¡   Had Operational responsibility for Community Mental Health and Substance Misuse Services

¡   Managed Social Work and Social Care staff across two teams .

¡   Continuously reviewing and developing services to meet the needs of vulnerable Adults through internal audit, review, stakeholder feedback and external influences.

Kompetenznetzwerk KI-I
Linz, Austria
Kompetenznetzwerk Informationstechnologie zur Förderung der...

Das KI-I hat sowohl theoretische wie auch praktische Kompetenzen bei den oben genannten Themen. Beim KI-I arbeiten Menschen mit und ohne Behinderungen eng zusammen. Die Expertise in eigener Sache erstreckt sich über motorische und Sehbehinderung über geistige Behinderung bis zur psychischen Beeinträchtigung.