Contact information

Eva Kremlíková, SPMP ČR

186 03 Praha
Czech Republic


• Pracuje jako sociální pracovnice v rámci Poradenského centra SPMP ČR
• Lektoruje vzdělávací akce pro lidi s mentálním postižením
• Koordinátorka projektu Black and White
• Pracuje jako sociální pracovnice v projektu Black nad White
• Vytváří snadno srozumitelné texty

Presentation of competencies

Developing positive attitudes and values towards adult learners with disabilities

Attitude towards adult learners with disabilities

The expert understands the importance of inclusion and participation of people with disabilities and demonstrates positive values and attitudes.

Expectations from adult learners with disabilities

The expert has a positive attitude towards the abilities of people and is experienced in strategies which support people to reach their potential.

Attitude of other learners

The expert is skilled in methods which promote positive attitude and values among the learners.

Adult learners with disabilities advocacy

The expert is able to support organisations in developing an inclusive model of education.

Attitude towards accessibility laws and regulations

The expert understands accessibility legislation and guidelines and is able to advise an organisation to fulfil their responsibilities.

Building partnerships

The expert is familiar with and able to share information of local and national organisations promoting rights of learners with disabilities.
Planning accessible learning

Planning learning and assessment

The expert is experienced in person-centred support planning and able to train teaching staff to ensure flexible learning.
Supporting accessible learning

Personal assistance

The expert can advise the organisation about the possibilities of internal/external personal assistance. They may signpost to qualified and experienced personal assistants.

Staff expertise on adult learners with disabilities

The expert is able to advise staff on needs of learners with different disabilities and offer training in meeting their needs.
Communicating and public relations

Communication with adult learners with disabilities

The expert is able to train staff on methods and tools for an appropriate and positive communication with learners with disabilities.

Informing on the learning provision

The expert is able to support the organisation in the provision of accessible information and offer training.

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