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Милена Текьова

главен експерт
4700 Смолян


Към момента работя на длъжност главен експерт към Агенция по заетостта, Дирекция бюро по труда Смолян

Presentation of competencies

Providing an accessible environment for learning

Accessibility review

The expert is able to test the physical environment on its accessibility and work with an organisation to develop strategies to improve and evaluate it.

Professional Assistance

The expert is able to support organisations in developing internal resources and competencies on accessibility and locating other experts.

Managing physical access

The expert is familiar with European and national standards, as well as good practice in making environments accessible and is able to advise and train organisations.
Planning accessible learning

Health and safety

The expert can advise about health and safety measures for learners with disabilities.
Supporting accessible learning

Staff expertise on adult learners with disabilities

The expert is able to advise staff on needs of learners with different disabilities and offer training in meeting their needs.

Continuing Professional Development

The expert can train or knows further education for staff regarding accessible education of learners with disabilities.

Staff Induction

The expert is able to advise organisations on developing plans to induct its staff on accessibility.
Communicating and public relations

Informing on the learning provision

The expert is able to support the organisation in the provision of accessible information and offer training.

Informing on the accessibility of the learning provision

The expert is able to support the organisation in providing information on the accessibility of their course offerings in their public relation material.

Promoting the learning provision

The expert knows strategies und methods to promote inclusive courses and trainings by addressing learners with and without disabilities.

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