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RACIO d.o.o.
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Racio, the company for development of human resources, Ltd., has been present on the Slovene market since 1990, with a wide range of research, counselling and educational services, intended to raise competitive advantage of individuals as well as of organizations and regions. We have been doing our work successfully and with good results. Racio Ltd. is specialised in rehabilitation of deaf and hard of hearing persons. It was the first institution in Slovenia to start – in collaboration with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Clubs Association of Slovenia and co-financing of the Employment Service of Slovenia - with experimental adjustment of the active employment policy programmes which had by that time been inaccessible to deaf and hard of hearing people because of communicational barriers. Overview of our activities: Regulating workforce market • Development of programmes of active labour policy and social security programmes. • Programmes for encouraging local employment initiatives and programmes for creation of new jobs. • Experimental development and implementation of new forms of employment. Employment and social integration of the disabled and of other marginal groups • Complete rehabilitation of the disabled and people who are difficult to employ. • Counselling for development and acceleration of the disabled, and entrepreneurship • Systematic problem-solving for the disabled and for employees with chronic health problems in companies and Companies employing the disabled. • Development of new forms of employment for the disabled and for other marginal groups. Human capital development • Motivation, education, training of individuals and groups for personal growth, professional development and interpersonal communication. Permanent activities • Counselling for young people in their career development • Provider of Active employment policy programmes • Provider of employment rehabilitation of persons with disabilities • Counselling for human resource management in SMEs (voucher system) • Concession for operating as an employment agency • Support centre for computer skills learning for persons with special needs • Education and training of the staff management and expert staff in companies employing the disabled and other companies

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