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Василка Попова /Д,,РСЗ'' Благоевград



Дирекция,,Регионална служба по заетостта '' - Благоевград

Presentation of competencies

Developing positive attitudes and values towards adult learners with disabilities

Odnos do udeležencev s posebnimi potrebami v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert understands the importance of inclusion and participation of people with disabilities and demonstrates positive values and attitudes.
Zajištění přístupného prostředí pro učení

Pregled dostopnosti

The expert is able to test the physical environment on its accessibility and work with an organisation to develop strategies to improve and evaluate it.
Plánování přístupného učení

Zdravje in varnost

The expert can advise about health and safety measures for learners with disabilities.
Podpora přístupného učení

Osebna asistenca

The expert can advise the organisation about the possibilities of internal/external personal assistance. They may signpost to qualified and experienced personal assistants.
Komunikace a vztahy s veřejností

Obveščanje o izvajanju izobraževanja

The expert is able to support the organisation in the provision of accessible information and offer training.

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