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Мариета Бютюнева / ДРСЗ Пловдив

гл. експерт

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ул.Самара №7
4003 гр.Пловдив

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Дирекция "Регионална служба по заетостта", сектор "Програми, мерки, квалификация и контрол"

Presentation of competencies

Developing positive attitudes and values towards adult learners with disabilities

Pričakovanja do udeležencev s posebnimi potrebami v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert has a positive attitude towards the abilities of people and is experienced in strategies which support people to reach their potential.

Odnos ostalih udeležencev v izobraževanju odraslih

The expert is skilled in methods which promote positive attitude and values among the learners.

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